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Who We Are

We’re a modern full-service creative agency that exists to better connect brands with consumers in an increasingly digital-centric world. We approach your needs with insight-rich strategy, brilliant creative and intelligent technology to consistently exceed expectations and keep your audience engaged. It’s these experiences that create lasting connection and build brands.


The future of brand and consumer interaction excites us. The unending progression of technology means there’s a constant need for exploration and experimentation.Here is a look of our works.




Content is king. It’s what your audience seeks and what they’re captivated by. With the advent of the social web, connected devices, and the blurring of the lines between entertainment mediums; it’s more important than ever for brands to have compelling storytelling.

Brand Creation

To create brand champion, you need an agency that champions your brand. We immerse ourselves deeply, approaching your overall branding and marketing strategies with the same love as we would our own.

Proven Digital Capability

We appreciate the fact that mobile is no longer the 2nd or 3rd screen; it’s the 1st screen. The possibilities for connected devices are limitless moving forward. Hence, we provide total solution with development of apps, in-store digital promotions, near-field communication,

Future Proof

The future of brand and consumer interaction excites us. The unending progression of technology means there’s a constant need for exploration and experimentation. Our culture lives and breathes the quest for innovation.

ROI Driven

One of the most powerful ways to get your brand in front of the masses is through organic exposure. We use multiple channels and tools to amplify your message, and create the advocates that will take your brand to the next level.

Depth of Experience

Relationships build brands. It’s one of our founding beliefs, and social media is the epitome of consumer and brand matchmaking. We deliver on the full potential of social media through community building, content development, influencer outreach, social listening, paid social, and more.


Content Management

Our expert team can help your brand deliver custom content that surprises and delights customers exactly when and where they want it.






Social and Communication

Communication is something that we harp on PeddleCloud. We brainstorm for ideas that one person can never achieve at their own.


-Social Media Advertisement

-Digital campaign development

-Social Media Profile Management

-SMS and Email Marketing

Web Development

The web is social and it’s where marketing happens in real time. We develop content to help your brand participate in an effective way .


-Website Design and Development

-Web operation and Maintainance

-Web analytics

-Support for e-Commerce


Search Marketing Programs

We take a connected approach to search marketing services that drive awareness and engagement across numerous media.


-Search Engine Optimization

-Search Engine Marketing

-Keyword Marketing

-Search Trend Analysis

Business Consulting

We offer brands a unique blend of digital and traditional methods for  better understanding their customers and uncover new opportunities.


-Company formation and Legal Advising

-Platform selection

-Brand Strategy and Planning

-Digital Marketing and Media Strategy

Mobile Platform

We can help you navigate the mobile platform with a whole spectrum of marketing services including app development, analytics etc.


-Mobile Application Development

-Mobile Ads

-Mobile Marketing Strategy

-Mobile Optimization


”…Great going! It was fantastic to see how many people replied when we asked how the show was.”

Mithila Hore

Manager, Expressions Social

”…Social media team of peddlecloud has done well, kudos to you guys. This is just the beginning.”

Abrar Athar

Managing Partner, Medium Rare

”…I think our page is doing well compared to many others. Job well done Team”


Projonmo Agami


Bangladesh at 44

In the 44 years since its birth from ashes, fire and blood, Bangladesh has achieved many milestones against numerous odds and hurdles. Let’s move forward with the hope of many more such achievements!

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